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  • Christ Connect Family Church

    Our Vision: Building great commission churches in Cities, Townships and Villages, to lead holistic transformation.

    Our Mission: Evangelize, Equip, Develop, and Empower multiplying leaders to plant churches, and lead holistic community transformation


We are not a fellowship but a family. A fellowship ends but the family stick together regardless of the circumstances and situation


The bible is very clear that they will know that we are his disciples if we have a love for one another. This love should be demonstrated by caring for the next person in the Church. It is the responsibility of every member to demonstrate love to others.


The only way to build a strong institution is by remaining faithful to the purpose for which the church is called to accomplish. In the same regard, we shall be faithful to support the great call that God has placed before us, by our resources and our lives.


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Bishop Dr. Farai & Pastor Chipo Katsande

Bishop Farai and Ps. Chipo are both gifted communicators and loving pastors, passionate about the Cause of Christ, and consumed with seeing people come into relationship with Jesus. They have given their lives to champion the cause of the local church – globally, place value on humanity, and their hearts cry is to see healthy men, women, and youth emerge across the globe and rise up to be the

Church for Every Ward

Christ Connect Family Church has a passion to reach out and Plant Churches in rural communities through the Church for Every Word Project. The focus of the project is to plant Churches in rural communities where there are no Churches. We select a district and map out how many wards are each district. Our goal is to plant a Church in each of the wards and eventually plant Churches in every village. Currently we are working in Mudzi. Mudzi has 18 Wards, we have planted Churches in 5 Wards, and have completed one Church building and two are under construction. One of the Churches has started village Churches in 12 of its villages. Would you Partner with us for Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi to implement this project.

Project Needs:

Planting a Church needs in each ward                                       

Ministry Activity


Enlisting and training Core-Leadership (5 People)/1 week


Evangelism and discipleship Materials


Evangelistic Campaign event/equipment


Annual Pastoral support


Church Building Construction



Christ Connect Family Church is embarking on a Church building project for its main Church in the Capital City, God has blessed and we already have secured the Land. Help us trust God to raise $435,750 for the Auditorium. The funds are needed as follows:



Foundation, base columns and Pillars


Upper Deck, Roof structure, frame


Main walls








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Our Mission

Our mission is to continue the work of Jesus Christ by spreading His gospel to every corner of the world, as instructed in Mark 1:14-15 and Luke 4:18.